Sir Berenger of Nancy

Did you know…

Sir Berenger had a bit of a rocky start in the SCA after he and his brother were thrown out Rowany festival by the steward at the Tara site. That steward, Sir Alfar of Attica, later squired him. His first group was the Barony of Rowany.

He received his AOA from Prince Alfar and Princess Liadan at Midwinter Coronet Investiture in 2001.

He was knighted in Rowany Yule 2003 by King Alaric and Queen Nerissa.

Sir Berenger was not just a talented fighter; he has stewarded events many events. He started Cold War which has been running now for close to 15 years. This used to be run on the June long weekend. He released that date to us understanding the importance of the Northern Reaches (Queensland groups) having access to this public holiday to build our premiere event – Great Northern War.

He also created the legacy of Knight School which is an annual event designed for fighters to go and get classes about fighting from knights.

He has also stewarded Rowany festival in 2007 (?) where he decided we all needed to carry his device as his event token. He has also been working in the background supporting logistics for the event for more than a decade.

Berenger inspired the powerful owl tourney in 2007. He attended Great Northern War for his squire’s knighting, and, after imbibing perhaps a little too much, started challenging Powerful Owls wanting to know why they were so Powerful. And there it was, the name of the tourney was founded, and he was its first victor.

Berenger reigned as King of Lochac with his friend Bethan of Brockwood from January 2008 to July 2008.

After a conversation with some members of Ildhafn (Auckland, New Zealand) complaining about the lack of men who danced, where women were having to dress up in masculine clothing to dance. They joked about him wearing a dress. He ended up saying– you make it, I will wear it. They thought he was joking but no, he turned up the following evening ready to be measured for his frock. They produced a beautiful pastel blue venetian gown which he wore at the May Crown Ball in 2009.

He became the Champion of Lochac after being defeated by Sir Cornelius von Beck at April Crown in 2011. He later became the victor of Rowany Fighter Auction Tourney that same weekend.

Berenger received his Pelican from King Siridean and Queen Margie at Rowany festival in 2012.

Berenger moved to Politichopolis but later decided that it was too cold and because the Northern Reaches is the place to be, he decided to move up to St Florian de la Riviere a couple of years ago with his family.

Berenger is known for many things… some of them good. He has worn a cookie monster outfit while fighting. He is renowned for the ranting about such important subject matters such as the trustworthiness of amphibians, his dislike of pandas etc. While some people find him brash, they may not look further than his humour. He is hard working, kind, thoughtful and gallant. He also is a member of the Silver Rondel and may also have been known as Berenger “twinkle toes” of Nancy.