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Below is the list of our current Baronial officers. Click any name to send an email to the selected officer.

  Office Office Holder Since
  Baron Canon Lore link Baron William Montrose (he/him)
Ceremonial co-head of the Barony and representative of the Crown
June 2021
  Baroness Canon Lore link Lady Lovet Dangerus (she/her)
Ceremonial co-head of the Barony and representative of the Crown
June 2021
Lady Cristin verch Reys (she/they)
In charge of the organisation of the group and any sub-groups
April 2023
Herald Canon Lore link Baroness Grete Engelhardtz (she/her)
Keeps track of awards, assists with research and registration of names and devices, makes announcements at events and is master of ceremonies at courts
November 2022
Arts and Sciences Canon Lore link Countess Safiya bint 'Abd al-Shahid (she/her)
Supports arts, crafts and sciences, and helps people find sources of information and teachers
March 2023
Canon Lore link Viscountess Huguette de Saint Germain (she/her)
Handles financial matters for the group
March 2024
(First aid officer)
Canon Lore link Lady Eydis Ragnarsdottir (she/her)
In charge of First Aid at events
September 2023
Captain of Archers Jyoti Campbell
Encourages and organises the practise of archery
September 2023
Baronial Marshal Canon Lore link Valentine Selbie (Any)
In charge of armoured combat safety and getting people authorised to fight
June 2023
  Fencing Marshal Canon Lore link Lady Nicola de Coventre
Handles fencing (rapier) training and authorisations
September 2023
Webwright Canon Lore link The Honourable Lady Gabrielle Hamilton (she/her)
Maintains the group's web site
May 2024
  Warden of the Northern Reaches Honourable Kamara Skleraina (he/him)
Regional representative responsible for fostering scribal arts
April 2024