People of St Florian

Baron and Baroness

Baron William Montrose and Baroness Lovet Dangerus.

Sixth Baron and Baroness of Saint Florian de la Rivière.

Previous Barons and Baronesses

Gabriel de Beaumont and Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

First Baron and Baroness, from 28 Jul 2001 – 18 Jun 2005

Giles Leabrook and Maud la Leitiere

Second Baron and Baroness, from 18 Jun 2005 – 27 Nov 2010

Bain de Saint Florian and Bianca Foscari

Third Baron and Baroness, from 27 Nov 2010 – 23 Nov 2013

Drake Morgan and Acacia de Navarra

Fourth Baron and Baroness, from 23 Nov 2013 – 17 Feb 2018

Baron Rufus Adycote of Mynheniot and Baroness Tova Thorfrida Ellanemsdotta.

Fifth Baron and Baroness, from 17th Feb 2018 – 12th Jun 2021.


Collectively, the members of the Order of Chivalry, the Order of the Laurel, the Order of the Pelican and the Order of Defense are referred to as the Peerage. A member of any of these Orders is a Peer.