Sir Gabriel de Beumont

Did you know…

Gabriel joined the SCA around 1995 in the canton of St Florian sur la Riviere and found a love of service.

After reluctantly attending Rowany festival in 1996, he had so much fun we almost had to crowbar him back into the car to come home. He got particularly interested in fighting. Gabriel was one of the first two authorised fighters of the Shire in 1997 assistance from Ysambart Courtin. He was authorised in the backyard of Wombleholme with Corny as the Marshal and his authorisation bouts with Ysambart. Gabriel joined Ysambart and Owen and formed the first the first St Florian Militia for Festival 1997. The St Florian Militia, in partnership with the St Florian Water Wenches, won the best war unit that year.

Gabriel received his AOA from Prince Ragnar and Princess Bliss at High Hunt III which was in August of 1997.

Gabriel has served as Hospitaller of the Shire, Seneschal of the Barony twice, Earl Marshal of the Kingdom and been part of stewarding teams in the 90’s, 00’s, 10s, and now. He was a member of the founding team who created Great Northern War. He ran the first St Florian Baronial Championship and was the creator of the legacy of Knights of the North.

Gabriel has served as the founding Baron of St Florian de la Riviere, with his wife Constanzia (that’s me!). The Barony was elevated to Baronial status on the 28th of July 2001 by Prince Alfar and Princess Liadan.

Gabriel stepped down as Baron on 18th of June 2005 and received the title “Baron St Florian de la Riviere” from King Stephen and Queen Mathilde as per tradition for founding Barons and Baronesses. (Subsequent landed Barons and Baronesses get to use “of” in the title name).

Gabriel was made the first Pelican of the Kingdom of Lochac at Great Northern War in August of 2002 by King Alfar and Queen Elspeth (Now known as Guddrun).

Gabriel was squired to Sir Berenger of Nancy in 2004.

Gabriel served on King Draco’s guard in 2006 and served on Queen Guddrun’s guard in 2007. He was released when he received his knighthood at Great Northern War in June of 2007 by King Alfar and Queen Guddrun.

When Gabriel won his first Crown in Darton in May 2009, his knight, Sir Berenger wore a lovely pale blue venetian gown as part of an agreement with some members of Ildhafn. Later, when Gabriel visited Ildhafn as King, there was an unusual conversation around how traditions are formed, and that Berenger wore a dress when Gabriel won Crown, that it would be logical that if one of Gabriel’s squires won Crown, he would also wear a dress. In May 2010, his squire Edmund of Shotley won Crown however he decided to postpone this agreement until he was no longer Chamberlain to the Crown. (Then he won the following Crown….) At Canterbury Faire 2012, after not having any official commitments and the first visit back to New Zealand, Gabriella Berengersdottir wore a dress and got to dance with the King of Caid.

Gabriel has served as Crown of Lochac twice with Constanzia from July 2009 to January 2010 and January 2011 to July 2011. He received his County from King Bran and Queen Lilya and his Duchy from King Sirodean and Queen Margie.

Gabriel has been the Champion of River Haven twice (currently serving) and has never fought in a St Florian de la Riviere Championship.

Gabriel is incredibly thoughtful in his feedback for fighters. He will always adapt and figure out options for fighters he is training so the training works for them specifically. He loves pickups more than anything else. Gabriel has equipped many new fighters and old fighters alike from all over the Kingdom. Gabriel also loves figuring out logistics, helms and period shoes. He has more helms and period shoes than he needs. He is not fond of wars or mushrooms.