Sir Lorcan of River Haven

Did you know….

Sir Lorcan of River Haven joined the SCA in February 2001. He was authorised by Draco de Euruic and Hrothgar Breaksword. His first event was actually a demonstration: the Brisbane Medieval Faire and Tournament. His very first tournament as an authorised fighter was the St Florian de la Riviere Baronial Investiture in July 2001.

Lorcan received his Award of Arms at Red and White in 2002 by Prince Gawyne and Princess Yve.

Lorcan is not know just for his fighting prowess but also for that particularly important operational support for events – such as logistics around moving equipment, and setting up large pavilions. He is particularly good at actualising good ideas whether they are his, or his friend’s. Without him, many of those good ideas may never have come to pass.

He entered May Crown in 2005 and was awarded the Wreath of Valour by King Stephen and Queen Mathilde.

Lorcan was involved in the rebirth of Great Northern War by moving the site to the Baden Powel Scout Camp in 2006 and started to run Great Northern War on the second weekend in June. A friend came up with the idea for a fire tourney (Thank you Wendell!) and Lorcan had the practical skills to create the ring of fire within our safety rules. We have enjoyed this incredible spectacle every year and is probably one of the best tournaments in the Kingdom for spectators and fighters alike.

Lorcan was squired to Sir Bain de St Florian.

Lorcan contributed to the two Baronies combining their encampments by first moving the River Haven encampment to sit next to the St Florian in 2007. This later became the Northern Encampment the following year however functioned with two food funds until finally becoming a singular food fund supporting both Baronies.

He was granted knighthood by King Berenger and Queen Bethan in 2008 at Great Northern War.

He was admitted to the Order of the Pelican by King Siridean and Queen Margie in 2012 at Great Northern War.

Lorcan has served on guards for King Draco in 2004, King Henri and Queen Beatrice in 2012, and King Felix and Queen Eva in 2013.

Lorcan was the first member of the Barony of River Haven to receive an award from the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere. He was granted a Bouget by Gabriel and Constanzia at their last court in June 2005 for his consistent help in supporting set up for events. He was awarded it again by Giles and Maude in 2010. Lorcan was inducted into the Order of St Florian by Bain and Bianca at Great Northern War in 2012 as one of the members of the populace who has changed the way that the game is played for the Barony.

Lorcan has travelled far and wide in the SCA. He is generous of spirit and fun of heart. He has a mischievous nature and will happily lend a hand in pranks.