Sir Philipe du Lac

Did you know…

Sir Philipe du Lac joined the SCA in 1992 with a bunch of high school mates known as the Mouse Warriors.

He received his AOA from Princess Isabeau (now known as Viscountess Huguette du St Germain) in 1995 at one of the tourney and bardic circles that we used to have at the “Headless Chook”. He received that award with some members of the Mouse Warriors (and me!).

He fought with Ventbarre before joining the White Company and becoming Sir Cornelius von Bec’s squire.

Philipe served on many guards including Princess Isabeau, Princess Bliss, several mead guards for the Principality as well as Queen Cynewith (West).

Philipe was the second Baroness’s champion (Constanzia) for St Florian de la Riviere.

Philipe moved to the Barony of Politichopolis during the great southern migration… and we missed him.

Phillipe received his Knighthood at Rowany festival in 2003 from Cornelius and Morwynna on the same weekend as one of his good mates, and member of the Mouse Warrior.

Philipe was the Champion of Lochac after being defeated in the final by Duke Theuderic at November Crown in 2008.

We are so happy that Phillipe has returned home to the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere. Phillipe is kind, considerate and thoughtful. We hope to see him around more often