St Florian de la Riviere Minutes August 2019

Meeting Date: 19th August 2019

Start Time: 7:00pm

Location: Brisbane Bridge Club, Frederick Street Annerley QLD

Chair:  Gabriel de Beaumont (Seneschal)


Quorum of three officers met?  YES                     

Agenda items:

Approval of the previous minutes from Baronial meeting on 16/07/2019. Raised Gabriel. Seconded Kamara. Passed.

Reeve report:


The Baronesses Birthday Event is coming up in September, Gabriel is finalising the details of the Battle of Bottony Cross event in October, Iglesia and her team are working on the details for the Collegia event and Christopher will put in a Games day event notice closer to the event.


The process is underway to get a new Web Minister and a new Constable. Wei Min raised that he is looking for a replacement as Chirurgeon. while it is not a necessary position, it would be preferable to have the position filled.  Wei Min also has two deputy heralds who he is training.

November Crown 2020 Bid

Henri submitted a bid for the Barony to run November Crown 2020. He is looking at using the Greek Orthodox School for the tournament and feast on the Saturday and a different location on the Sunday. He did flag that the price to use the hall has gone up but it would allow for the tournament to happen in air conditioning.

A refundable deposit of $1000 will be needed to book the hall if approved.

The plan is to buy floor mats that can be used inside the hall for fighting on. There was a discussion as to whether the cost of those floor mats should come out of the event costs or be paid for by the Barony separately. Henri preferred to have the Barony pay for them, Gabriel preferred that they come out of the event cost.

At this stage they are included into the event cost, however that decision can be reviewed at a later date.

Approval of the event bid for November Crown 2020 including the $1000 refundable deposit: raised by Gabriel; seconded by Alexandria; and passed.

Thanks for Henri and his team for putting in a bid for this event.

Next meeting: Tuesday 10th of September at Arts and Sciences at 7pm