St Florian de la Riviere Minutes June 2019

Meeting Date: 17th June 2019

Start Time: 7:35pm

Location: Brisbane Bridge Club, Frederick Street Annerley QLD

Chair:  Gabriel de Beaumont (Seneschal)


Quorum of three officers met?  YES

Agenda items:

Previous Minutes

Approval of the previous minutes from Baronial meeting on the 13/05/2019. Raised Gabriel. Seconded Alexandria. Passed.

Event Proposal – Baroness’s Birthday Event

Event proposal for the Baroness’s Birthday event to by run on the 7/09/2019 by Merewenne. No budget is required as it will be a free event for members with no expenditure with the usual $5 for non-member surcharge. The hope is that people will bring along food to share as a potluck. The event has Tova’s approval. Raised Gabriel. Seconded Eleanor. Passed.

Water Bottle Cover proposals

Henri has asked for funds for the Barony to buy the materials and make water bottle covers to hand out to cover mundane water bottles. It will be run as an A&S project. The group agreed with the idea and a budget of $150 was agreed upon. Raised Gabriel. Seconded Steffan. Passed

Update of Baronial Arrows

Gregorii submitted receipts for the continued update of the Baronial arrows. The total came to $125.49. Motion to approve the spending of $125.49 on the Baronial arrows. Raised Gabriel. Seconded Kathelyn. Passed.

Thank you to the GNW Team

A motion was passed to thank Henri and Tova and their team for the work they have done over the last 3 years in running Great Northern War and the great success it was this year, Raised Gabriel. Seconded Marget. Passed.

Next meeting: A & S on Tuesday 9/07/2019