St Florian de la Riviere Minutes March 2017

Meeting Date: 27th March 2017

Start Time: 7:00pm

Chair: Henri de Monterrant


Apologies: Ismena Gamel

Quotum met?  YES                   

Motion to accept previous minutes by: Henri, Seconded by: Katelyne

Note – Meeting was carried over from week before as it was postponed due to training being cancelled because of wet weather.

Officer Reports 

Great Northern War Update;

Festival 2017 St Florian Encampment Update

Storage Container Update,

Loaner armour update

New Event proposals

Meeting closed at 7:30pm

Next meeting – Baron and Baroness place before Arts and Sciences on 23rd April 10am (Note I mistakenly said there was no Baronial meeting in April due to Festival but I was wrong, it had already been put in the calendar).