St Florian de la Riviere Minutes May 2019

Meeting Date: 13th May 2019

Start Time: 7pm

Location: Brisbane Bridge Club, Frederick Street Annerley QLD

Chair:  Gabriel de Beaumont (Seneschal)


Apologies : Lovet Dangerus

Quorum of three officers met?  YES                     

Financial report from Reeve:

Agenda items:

Approval of the previous minutes from Baronial meeting on the 25/03/2019. Raised Gabriel. Seconded Eleanor. Passed.

Abbey Demo proposal

Proposed bid for the Abbey demo with a budget of $100. The steward also has requested that the profit of the event after costs be split between St Florian de la Riviere and River Haven evenly which was agreed. Raised Gabriel. Seconded Christopher. Passed

Baronial Championship Tourney & Feast proposal

Proposed bid for the St Florian Baronial Championship and Feast with a budget of $585 for the Hire cost and a Food budget of $842.50 for a total of $1,427.50. I confirmed before the meeting with the Baron and Baroness and the event has their approval. Raised Gabriel. Seconded Tova. Passed. Proposed new First Aid Kits for the Barony.  We need new kits for the Barony and for GNW in a few weeks, they had previously been approved last year. However, that was quite some time ago, so I wanted to reconfirm we are buying 2 kits for a total of $379.90. Raised Gabriel. Seconded Sebastian. Passed

Tshirts for GNW

Proposed outlay for the shirts for Great Northern War. They have already been advertised at $15 each and will be run through the Barony Funds for clarity. Depending on the number of shirts pre-ordered, the outlay cost will either be $554.40 or for 50 shirts or $622.60 for 60 shirts. Raised Gabriel. Seconded Roisin. Passed

Equipment purchase/replacement for GNW

A request from the Stewart of Great Northern War for funds totalling $950 to replace and/or purchase new equipment for the running of the event. Raised Gabriel. Seconded Henry. Passed

Officer Changerover

Henry has stood down as Deputy Baronial Marshal for Rapier and his replacement James has been confirmed by the deputy Earl Marshal. Thankyou to Henry for doing the job and to James for volunteering to take over. 

Next meeting: Arts and Sciences on Tuesday 18th of June 2019