Sir Stephen Aldred

Did you know…

Sir Stephen also had a rocky start to the SCA but not quite like Sir Berenger. His first events were in Stormhold (Melbourne) in approximately 1986 however due to some poor communication, and some additional difficulties, decided that the time was not great. He later moved to Politichopolis (Canberra) with his family and rediscovered the SCA through friends and a Cancon demo in around 1992/3. It was this demo that helped him to decide that he wanted to fight. He was authorised and went to Rowany festival for his first war experience. He ended up leading a group of 20+ Mercenary archers.

He received his Award of Arms from Prince Brusi and Princess Catherine in June 1993.

He served as the Baronial Advancement Coordinator for Politichopolis in 1995. He was invested as the as the founding Baron of Politichopolis with his wife Mathilde July 1995 and served until September 2000.

Stephen was one of the drivers behind the Politichopolis-St Florian world domination pact, which separated the Eastern Coast of the Principality of Lochac at the Hawkesbury River. This pact was formed in 1997.

Stephen received his Pelican in November 2000.

Stephen led the Kingdom advancement process as Lochac deputy Seneschal from around 1999 until 2001. You can see much of his work and principals within the Kingdom laws today.

He has also served as Politichopolan Hospitaler and Seneschal.

Along the way he has served as Baronial Champion of Politarchopolis and Sergeant of the guard.

Sir Stephen won November Crown Tournament in 2004. He was the second unbelt to win a Lochac Crown. King Draco knighted him at an event the following week. He served as King of Lochac with his wife Queen Mathilde from January 2005 to July 2005.

They were invested as Crown in their underwear. He received his County from King Cornelius and Queen Morwynna.
Stephen has been a wonderful friend of St Florian de la Riviere for a very long time. It has been fantastic for us to have him finally move here, to his home away from home.